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Digital revolution in Banking & Financial Services

Explaining the various technologies facilitating the convenience banking transactions. It takes a look into the background as well as expected trendsetters.

Bank of the Future

This dwells on the typical scenarios of banking operations down the line. It will give an overview of process based on AI and ML There will be nothing assumptive and everything is derived through current best practices aimed at the future. A case in example is Block chain.

Top global trends and outlook in banking:

In a closely interconnected world, the banking sector is networked across countries. Processes and practices in different parts of the world are studied and impended in other regions. Some of the common trends are digital technologies, banks and fin -tech companies, security, data protection, global anti money laundering steps.

Will Banking go beyond money and become incidental to life stage/style management?

A subjective session on how banking van influence the daily way of life. It is linked to the changing economic and social outlook in society. Example – the credit card culture. The course is intended to point out the integration of banking sector to the growth of the country and its inexorable importance.

Banking boot camp

This is an end to end course that intended to train the learner inall aspects of banking. By opting for the boot camp course banking professionals can get deep insights into the key contours of bank operations.

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