Learning and Development Opportunities hold the Secret to Unlocking Employee Engagement

In a dynamic environment, talent management & Training for bankers & Banking training has undoubtedly emerged as one of the leading organizational priorities. A new term that the global industry has coined is “the great resignation”. A Fortune report cites that although the economy is bigger than pre-pandemic times, the US job market has lost 5 million workers compared to 2019.


To discover more insight around this trend, Fortune and Deloitte conducted a survey across 117 CEOs. 57 percent of these CEOs said attracting and recruiting talent is their biggest challenge, followed by 51 percent who believe retaining talent was a problem to solve for.

Invest in employees

According to a recent study among 600,000 professionals cited by McKinsey, skilled high performance employees are up to 400 percent more efficient than average ones. In fact, in more complex environments that are information and interaction intensive, high performance employees are nearly 800 percent more productive compared to other employees.

The opportunity to scale up team productivity and its impact on business outcomes alone, is a convincing reason to invest heavily in talent & Training for bankers & Banking training

Why employees are unsatisfied

According to a report by Entrepreneur, employees demonstrated a 56 percent boost in job performance, a 50 percent drop in turnover rates and a 75 percent decrease in sick days taken when they feel belonging to the organization. These trends are aligned and point consistently to the need for a more conducive approach towards employee wellbeing and development.

In fact, it is evident that employees are unsatisfied because they don’t feel like they belong to the organization. In order to change this perception, it is necessary to make them feel invested in, and be nurtured to grow and do better in their careers.

Perception around learning and development

In a surprising development, a Forbes report highlights growing disappointment and dissatisfaction in organizational learning and development programmers for Training for bankers & Banking training. It isn’t surprising then, that over 55% of employees regard career growth opportunities a greater priority than salary.

Besides, 21 percent of employees say they are less likely to leave an organization over the past three years if it offered positive learning and development opportunities.

 How to enhance learning for your employees

Overall, these trends point to an obvious opportunity in Training for bankers & Banking training and need to invest heavily on talent growth, learning and skilling opportunities. The returns can be directly attributed to a positive business outcome, growth, stability and future readiness. The leadership at Academy for Bankers comprise subject and domain experts as well as industry veterans who have developed teams and advocate the importance of talent harnessing and skilling.

With over 20 years of mean work experience, the team at the Academy for Bankers is best equipped to mentor the next generation of global bankers.

Established subject matter expertise in banking

The Academy for Bankers provides training across various aspects of banking in multiple markets and sizes with the objective of staying future ready. The unique curriculum created by the Academy for Bankers puts emphasis on real-world case studies offering a rich and invaluable storehouse of information and lessons that prepare your team for success.

One of the unique ways that the Academy for Bankers ensures faster and better learning and upskilling of talent is through the use of short and convenient learning modules. This makes learning on the go while continuing to work more practical without impairing productivity.

The micro learning format also fosters better understanding and knowledge retention. To reinforce learning, the curriculum also emphasizes on practical and relevant case studies to offer a real-world visibility into changing industry trends. In addition, continuous assessment along the learning lifecycle ensures concepts are understood and learning is reinforced.

For additional details, please visit the Academy for Bankers website at www.academyforbankers.com

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