Investment consulting

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Financial Planning Basics

Program is intended to demystify financial planning, to offer consultants/Sales persons compelling reasons to consider adopting financial planning, and to suggest how to do so.Process of Financial planning is explained in detail in this program.

Understanding Fixed Income

For a number of financial advisors, debt funds, particularly open end funds, are an enigma. While they broadly understand how these are different from equity funds, they are not sure of what exactly toexpect from these funds and how best to invest in them. Strange as it may seem, the uncertainty attached to equity funds is better understood than the uncertainty attached to debt funds, even though the latter is far is less than the former. This program is intended to give advisors a better understanding of debt funds, so as to help them advise their clients with conviction.
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Macro Economics for Fixed Income

Fixed Income market (whether developed or emerging market) is characterized with macroeconomic factors. These macroeconomic factors directly (indirectly) impose challenges on decision making with respect to investments in fixed income securities. The influence and challenges of these macroeconomic factors are explained to the participants in this program simple manner. Program also explains how Central Bank and Central Govt’s policy decisions have an impact on the direction of interest rates and also the required changes to be made in fixed income investment strategies in lieu of policy changes .

Financial Mathematics

A good foundation in mathematics is an invaluable asset for an investment consultant. This program helps consultant appreciate the importance of mathematics in the investment process. In particular, it focuses on situations where calculations are called for, and illustrates how Excel can be used to quickly perform complex calculations.

Statistics for Investments

A reasonable Understanding about the statistical concepts is an Important for an investment consultant. This program helps consultant appreciate the importance of statistics in understanding & evaluating the various investments. In particular, it focuses on situations where one need to compare and evaluate investments based on historical data.

Psychology & Investment Decisions

Worldwide the financial markets are influenced by several factors such as the changes in economic and political processes that occur in the country and the globe, information diffusion and approachability and so on. Yet, the foremost important factor is the investor’s /Advisor’s reaction and perception. For an individual investor or an Advisor , decision making process can be perceived as a continuous process that have significant impact of their psychology while making investment decisions. Behavioral finance relies on research of human and social recognition and emotional tolerance studies to identify and understand the investment decisions. This program uncovers the investor’s /Advisor’s psychology in investment decision making focusing on the investor’s rationality by explaining psychological and emotional factors that affect investing. It also gives suggestions to overcome the behavioral biases.


Belief System is a set of beliefs by which we lead our lives. These beliefs guide our thoughts, words, and actions. Our beliefs reflect who we really are. While we could have beliefs about how to lead our lives in general, we could also have beliefs that are very specific to our profession. Over time, all professionals, including investment consultants, developed their own beliefs. Yet, for most, the process of acquiring these beliefs is not a part of a conscious design. One of the characteristics of successful professionals is that they tend to have well-defined and well-developed belief systems. This program is intended to make a case for advisors to have such a Belief System, as a means to success, and to offer thoughts on what it could take to consciously build such a Belief System.

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