Contact Center


Post covid-hybrid culture: Shifts in performance levels

Shifts in ways of doing business post pandemic: * Accelerate virtual collaboration and become future ready * Enhanced security - understanding the risks * Data backed flexi hours and reduced burnouts * Contact Ratio reduction * Evolving a hybrid work culture * Holistic evolution across sales, collections, customer service and support

Demonstrating Customer centric, Quality and effectiveness, Productivity & Efficiency.

Establishing robust remote contact Centers with work from home advantages, without compromise in productivity.

Overcome Monotony – Training on team work

Identify and Energize team engagement activities. Understand team demotivators and shift team energy towards a positive drive. Use facilitative tools to groom supervisory team to sustain this in long term

Process Improvements, Bring down contact ratio.

Understand as is process Co create list of process wastes Identify and add stakeholder feedback based improvements Examples: Bringing down contact ratio Cut down process wastes Business process re-engineering

Improve efficiency and effectiveness

* Self evaluation of metrics / call quality * Co create desired outcomes by leveraging on available / past/competitor data * Initiate new methods of self evaluation and sustain new milestones * Continuous improvement review methodology and implement the shifts. Capture and review of Problem Incidence

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