Who we are

The Academy for Bankers is backed by global banking leaders, practitioners, consultants, and subject matter experts with over 20 years of industry and domain experience. We are headquartered out of Texas, USA with a presence in the UAE and India. The team behind Academy for Bankers has been associated with the world’s leading global banks for decades.

We work with a wide range of banks as well as banking professionals. Whether you are a local or a global bank spread across continents, we customise our learning modules to suit your business and operational needs. What makes us the preferred training destination for bankers:

  • Prioritises training in niche areas over general banking concepts
  • Our courseware is developed by bankers keeping banking challenges and opportunities in mind
  • Best suited for employees looking to enhance current performance and future leaders
  • Practical lessons and hands-on using case studies over textbook approach
  • Convenient modular hour-long training sessions without disrupting work routine

Why Academy for Bankers

Success in the rapidly evolving banking and finance industry requires a digitally aware, technology-enabled talent pool that has deep understanding of core concepts. In fact, standard banking credentials are no longer enough. The world needs banking technocrats who are aware of the dynamic policy landscape across the markets they operate in. The Academy for Bankers fills the training, learning & development, and mentoring void that exists in the industry. We do this by making banking veterans accessible for mentoring and growth. We help budding, mid-level professionals and senior executives across banking teams build to execute the perfect growth strategy.

Our unique approach helps your team:

  • Deal better with rapid change in the industry
  • Offer consistent and measured training across teams
  • Ensure effective training without impacting productivity
  • Stay future ready with a mobile-first mindset
  • Overcome limited training and learning resources

The Academy for Bankers Advantage

Our courseware and instruction delivery are built keeping the intensive workflow of the banking and finance industry in mind. We are best suited to help teams struggling to acquire in-demand skills. Our unique advantage is due to:

  • Short and convenient live online modules that do not impact productivity
  • Unique microlearning format for improved understanding and knowledge retention
  • Aided learning backed with practical case studies
  • Continuous assessment to gauge progress and understanding of concepts
  • Mobile optimised for convenient learning
  • Entire spectrum of instruction across levels (basic to advanced) and topics (banking, technology, policy and more).

The Management team

Ranchu Nair

Ex – Mashreq Bank, Noor & Union National Bank

Priya Lakshmi Ugandeswaran

Ex – Standard Chartered Bank

Naveen Alayil

Ex – Citi Corp, Fiserv, Ocwen

Dinesh Athrassery

EDUPRENEUR & International Trainer

Santhosh Mahalingam


Ex – Mashreq Bank, Standard Chartered Bank & Qatar National Bank

Our Training Team

Our training team consists of experienced bankers in different subjects, who are certified specialists in their core area of expertise. They have collectively trained more than 3500 professionals, and also facilitated certifications for more than 1000 aspirants

Our Training Leads

Kennedy Pattabiraman:

33 years of banking experience – Ex Mashreq Bank, Deutsche Bank Operations International, Barclays Shared Services, TCS, EServe, Citibank

Sreekar Sandeep:

20 years of banking experience. Ex Standard Chartered Bank, AIG, Mashreq Bank

Bhanu Cousik:

32+ years of experience in Standard Chartered Bank, HDFC Bank, Citibank, Axis Bank

PCR Suresh:

20+ years exp. Standard Chartered Bank

Venkitesh Subramonia Iyer:

20+ years of experience in Franklin Templeton, HDFC Asset Management, HSBC, ICICI Bank

Ganesh Ram C M

33 years of banking experience – Ex Standard Chartered Bank India & Singapore, DBS Bank