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Accounting for Trade Finance

Basics of Accounting & Accounting entries , Entries for Letter of Credit, Collections & Guarantees and related payments

Transferable Letter of Credit

Understand & Application of UCP in Transferable Credit in all the process of LC Cycle i.e LC issuance to Payments - Part 1
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Document Checking in Transferable Letter of Credit

The process involved in handling documents under Transfer Letter of Credit.
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Application of URR

Learn to apply URR in Reimbursements -Two Case studies (of which, one case study in Reimbursement undertaking)

Onboard Notations

How to look at Onboard Notations mapping with the preprinted boxes i.e Place of Receipt, Vessel, Port of Loading, Port of Discharge etc., with all permutations and combinations and Risks associated.

Partial Shipments involving tolerance to LC Value

Understanding Partial Shipments involving tolerance to LC Value & applying relevant UCP Articles.

Partial Shipments with Multiple set of Transport Documents

Understanding Partial Shipments with multiple sets of Transport documents and with scenarios of different combinations.
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Document Checking – with application of UCP, ISBP

Learn to check documents - Basics of Document checking along with a case study.

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