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KYC/CDD – Key regulatory regimes, MLDs and expectations

A unique course that takes the audience through regulatory expectations of key global regulatory regimes and expectations, future regulatory trends in the AML space.
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KYC/CDD Risk Management – Assurance, MI & Governance and Monitor Management

Assurance checklists, what poses 'real risks', audit and assurance management, typically encountered monitor questions, action plans and articulation of responses to monitors/regulators, etc.
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KYC/CDD – Sanctions risks and mitigants, regimes

Sanctions filtering and risks associated with Sanctions indicia clients, risk assessments, Sanctioned countries vs. Sanctioned entities vs. Sanctioned individuals, Sanctioned countries vs. Sanctioned cities (e.g. Crimea), Sectoral Sanctions, etc. + (1) latest Sanctions risk assessment methodologies/systems, (2) risk appetite, (3)Sanctions in a Fintech/cross border Retail/Trade/Trade Finance/Counterparty Sanctions risks, (3) Sanctions risks in Syndicated Lending/Corporate Finance, (4) Sectoral Sanctions - Do's and Don'ts, etc.

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